I had a blast working with Jessi Hagood and Jaclyn Nash to create this music video for an awesome bluegrass band called Milltown! It was our major production in the world of video and we were very pleased with the outcome. We were especially thrilled that Milltown loved it too! Here it is via Jessi’s Vimeo page.

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3 Shots of Cali
















Take two: Part Two of the One Shot Project! This outdoor set included one strobe, one fill card, one background and again just five minutes to shoot. No surprise that amazingly talented photographer Cali Lowdermilk was a great model as well! My planning on for this shoot included research on the web that led me to some portraits/lighting I wanted to emulate. It proved to be helpful here as well and I was pleased with the images.

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3 Shots of Kep














Take two of the One Shot project required three very different portraits in only five minutes of time! We had one studio set with one 750 hot light, one scrim, and one wall. This time I had the pleasure of shooting my friend, the very talented photographer John “Kep” Kepchar. It is hard to create a wide range of images in a short time and this was a great exercise in learning to visualize the end result. If you go in with a plan everything goes more smoothly.

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Chrome Furniture

I shot some rolls of chrome during the joint project and sent them off for processing. Unfortunately they came back very dirty and streaked and improperly processed. I decided to scan them anyway and see what I could do with them digitally. They are not what I envisioned, but I find them very interesting.

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Simple. Bright. Natural. Beautiful. Those are the words that came to mind as I visualized this photograph. I chose ultra high key lighting to set off the color in these incredibly beautiful flowers, a touch of skin for a soft human element, and a pure white backdrop to keep it clean and bright.



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Berry Berry Beverage

This week our shotgun assignment was to copy a beverage tear sheet. Shooting glass has a whole host of issues, but thanks to great teamwork we pulled this one off!

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One Light, One Face, Ten Minutes

The assignment was meant to test our abilities to think spontaneously and creatively. We were given one light, a fill card, and ten minutes to take a beautiful portrait. Each group of three students had to take turns playing photographer, assistant and model to give us a look at the various parts of production. It was a challenging exercise on many levels and quite fun.  Thanks to Caroline for being a great model!

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